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Here’s to New Territory! January 20, 2012

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Hello Cyber Space! My name is rcgerhard and this is my first blog—so be kind! –I don’t know what I’m doing yet!  I guess a good place to start is to tell you about myself: I am an intensely shy, half literary / half computer nerd who dabbles in art and baking. I enjoy computer games, reading, writing, art museums and recipes that call for excessive use of butter (check my current 2 favorite recipes — Baked Brie  &  Broccoli Cornbread). I read the newspaper daily (yep –the old crinkly paper kind!) along with pretty much anything else that is put in front of me, which happens to be a lot because I’m also an English major. In terms of personal novel choices I tend to drift towards fiction, most particularly fantasy, but I also enjoy history and biographies. In terms of internet consumption I do not read much (I know, I know, bad English major!). Sites I check daily (or almost daily) are thechive, theberry, and mmo-champion. More loosely I follow cakewrecks.com and look at comcast.net for news. My biggest goal/dream is to be an editor for a publishing company, although right now I’m not quite sure what the path will be to get there. So far I’ve only discovered that it’s not by being a one-woman paper editing business for my math-major friends. I’m hoping a course I am taking this semester, multimedia writing, will help give me insight into what this path could be. It is as a part of this class that I have created this blog, so wish me luck and here’s to new territory!


One Response to “Here’s to New Territory!”

  1. rayc205 Says:

    Cooking is awesome and so is editing. I want to be an editor for a publishing company, too. I also don’t know how to get there. I might follow you… I’ll be dressed in a trench coat.

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