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Comments on “How to Steal like an Artist” … I hate Proverbs February 13, 2012

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I feel like such a dummy for how long I searched for how to change the line under my blog name that read “Just another WordPress.com site”. Turns out the answer was on Google the whole time. Go figure right?

Anyway, I read an article for my Multimedia writing class this week that gives advice on how to be an artist. It’s called Steal Like an Artist  by Austin Kleon, and as you can tell by clicking the link, it has to do with the book by the same name. Two pieces of advice stood out to me on this list:

(1) Steal like an artist.  It made me think of a video I saw a few years ago about the “Amen Break”. Basically a 6 second drum beat that has indeed, as they say in the video “entered the collective audio unconscious”. Listen to it as it starts playing around 1:18 and tell me if you agree. The bigger point the video is making however is about artistic ownership if art & culture’s natural tendency is to build on itself.

(2) The second thing that stood out to me was the line in the article that “All advice is Autobiographical” and that “Your mileage may vary”. So true. It reminds me why I hate proverbs.  Proverbs = horrible advice. They need disclaimers that copy Kleon’s words. Every time I come across one I think of how many other proverbs advise the opposite.


One Response to “Comments on “How to Steal like an Artist” … I hate Proverbs”

  1. jamiezig Says:

    That list of opposite proverbs was thought cool. Thanks for sharing, Rebecca.

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